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Shimogga பிரிஎந்து - Lesbian

Hi this is Lakki from Bangalore and regular reader of ISS. I am submitting the story for you today please comment me on it.. I will send more like this kind of storiesHi it is Suma from Shimogga district. I am here by submitting my story as well as my friends who are did and still doing in day to day life with new inventions. These series are new to this field. I am Suma here I am narrating my own experience with my friend my cousins. I am well built with the figure of 34 32 32. well shaped breast with black pointed nipple.This story begins when I was under the pre university course. My friend name is Kamal. We both of us are friends from childhood life. Because of this kind of closeness we dont care to express any thing each other.Her home is little bit far away from my home. It is between the forest .she is living with her old grandmother only. Her parents are at states. She is black in color an well shaped like village beauty. Really I like her boobs too much. From the beginning of our teenage life I comment about her boobs as “milk diary”.We are that much close that we seen each other topless so many time. She is always saying that my boobs are like tweety bird. That much cute.It is on Friday. As normally I went to stay in her home. I went with her. Before her home we will meet a forest. Simple we gone through it. But suddenly I seen there a boy was sucking girls boobs behind the bush. I showed to Kamala also. She told it is commend to her. She always seeing it. Really I sit to see it. There he is sucking like a hungry child. Kamala called me but I am not in a mood to go. She come to me and hold my shoulder and said if you want I will give mine to you but don’t make delay now and laughed. But I am not bothered simple sit to see. Then she told want to see more ? I said ya. She take away me to another way which is seems to be an thick forest. We sit inside the big bush. It is around nearly six thirty. There one couple came and sit there. She just spread her leg and drag her saary upwards by showing her pussy to him. Really I become wet by seeing it. I just seen Kamalas face. She smiled and directed me to see. He pulled his dick and inserted in her pussy and start to pump. At that time I unconsciously I put my one hand in my panty. She seen it and asked “ dreamsaaa?” . I got shy and removed and went away from there in hesitation. She followed me and asked will you like it? I said ya… I seen it at first time. She told she seen so many time and funnily told if I have the dick I will do it here itself. So I said funnily “ if I have it I will drill a hole in your milk plant and make it empty…” she smiled and told you can do it but I will not leave you I will eat your pussy like you ever had. This statement turns me hot and I asked myself shall we do malt by each other. She smiled and told she is ready now but not here it is in her house.I smiled and asked funnily whether she want sugar or milk for malt? She smiled and said your milk.. Take it but left little bit to my child.. and smiled.(she also laughed)On the way she asked me” Suma if you don’t mind can I touch your plants…. Please. No body is here just I want to feel it please”At that time I am hot so I said take it and allow yours and by saying it I just opened my 2 buttons of my shirt she put her hand inside and pressed I did the same to her. She said it is very silky want to taste. So I told shell we go to room and check there whether it is smooth or hot by saying it I drag her nipple little outside and she told me to do once. I did more her three times. Realy we become wet. I informed it to her. I touch her things. It is wet and smiled and told it will start to leak from that seen.I said you are too much hot… she asked”if you don’t mind can I ask one thing?”I said okShe told frankly “ suma I want to touch yours parts from long time. We seen so many time bathed together, stayed together, but I want to feel you as a boy from long time but today I did it…. Thanks”I also replied thanks because I also felt the same.We hugged each other there and came to home as nothing happened between us in out side. Her bathroom is little bit far away from her home as village style and toilet also near by it. Her grandmother suggest us to go and wash the face and sit to read. So I taken bath towel and went towards bathroom. Kamala also comes with me. Here I gone to inside and she gone to toilet to piss. I checked the water it is too hot. So I taken a bucket and went to bring cold water. At that time I seen the Kamala who open the door and sited. But there is no light. I said ‘ close the door any body may be come’ she replied ‘ no body will come even my grand mother also’ I cant see her pussy over the darkness and she come to assist me to bring water. I and she carried the water to bathroom and I start to wash face. She came behind me and cupped my boobs tightly and start to massage. Really I felt so good and allowed her to do. She is still doing in meanwhile she touch my pussy. I stopped her and told any body may come. So she switch off the light and told no body will come and continue to touch. I simple allowed. She taken on my hand and placed it on her pussy. I feel strange I touched it hardly I felt she did not were the panty. She told just she removed it and also sujjest me to remove. At that time I am ready to do any thing because of too much temptation. I remove my choodi pant and panty. She switch on the light and taken my panty and smelled and taken her also in her hand and thrown to fire. I shocked and wht she did? She told she want to fell fully so she did. And also told she will give hers. I agreed and she gone to wash her face at that time I cupped her boobs and massaged her and she suggest me to give a stroke like a boy to girl in doggy style. I did it 2 times and take little dare and up the my choody top and up the her top. She seen me backside ans smiled ‘ fuckingaaa?’ ok do. I said you do your work and I start to touch my pussy to her ass(skin to skin). She told she want more and I did. My pubic hair is touching her ass. She later touched my pussy and I did to her and we tasted the juice. And once washed the face and went. She switch off the light and said”suma shell we remove our bra….please it is easy to access in the room” I seems it is better. So I removed my bra and stand nude infront of her she is also. But in darkness we cant see each other I asked her please hug me at once. So she came to near and hugged. Really feel hot want the more at the mean ehile her grand mother called us to tifin. So we ware choodi and went. After tifin we came to room. But we are not in a mood to read. So we sit each other and I put my hand on her thigh and she put her hand on my thigh near to pussy. I start first and touched her boobs and drag her nipple. I asked her to suck my nipple. She once seen my face and put her mouth on my breast and sucked at once (on cloth). I feel I am at heaven. She told she want it but she will give her bare boobs. I agreed. She goned behind the door and removed her dress. In light I seen her nude body very much shining with hair at pussy. I goned to her sucked her breast like child. I feel good taste of her skin and want the more I did. She is massaging my head and it seems she want the more but due to fear of grandmother I said shell we do it in night. She agreed and hugged me and I did to her also.She once were the dress and sucked my plant on my dress and pressed as much she want. At that time her grand mother called us to dinner. So we gone and we had it and wash the plates. And prepare to sleep. So we decided to sleep in upstairs. Before that I want to go to toilet. Her grand mother suggest Kamala to carry me to there and also fill the water. So we went. We close the first door and went towards bathroom. si request her to suck my boobs till there. She agreed and we stand near banana tree and I removed my dress and she sucked my breast. I start to feel and told “ we simple sucking if I have milk I will give to you. She also promise me to the same. Later we came to bathroom and filled the water. So I went to piss. She told she want to see me during piss. I got shy. She told she will do in front of me. So I agreed. She remove her dress and I did it first in front of her. we sit together. She told shell we stand like boys and do. So we stand and start to do. But get little difficult. But I sit at that time her urine are spray on me I tasted it and she sit and put her hand to my pussy and played with my lips. And tasted. I did the same. Later we cleaned ourselves and went. We both have the curiosity that what may be happen in night. We came to upstairs. Seen the down and closed the gate of upstairs with big box.Here we sit in bed as husband and wife. She told she will be my husband today. I agreed and sleeped. She kissed me on fore head and on cheeks and on lips. I sucked her lower lips and she upper one . in between she inserted her tounge to inside me and I sucked it and I did the same to her. She removed her dress and start to remove mine. I did and sleep on bed she is on me and sucking my lips and in one hand she is playing with my pussy lips. I touched her breast. She told me to press it as much as possible. I did it later she came on my boobs and sucked for more then 20 minutes. Later I did the same to her . her black boobs are so much tight and I sucked bitted …. Feel too much. She start to moan. I come down and kissed her pussy lips.she is still moaning and touched it in hand and massaged her clit at that time my hand become wet. I licked it like a dog in a cup. I did it for 7 minutes and she flooded juice. I clean it in my mouth and kissed her lips. She tasted her own juice.Now her turns. Before going down she come near to my face and put her nipple to my lips. i kissed and sucked a while. Then I said to her that I am too hot… please eat the Tiffin at the time itself. She smiled and get down and kisses the my pussy and start to lick. I feel I am at heaven. She inserted her tongue. Her saliva covered my pussy. I feel strange I pressed my boobs tightly to control my self. But I want the more. I feel if I have other friend I will give the boobs to suck to them. I imagin another my friend doing in kamalas state. Really I get tempted. She is licking like a hungry cat. I feel if she is with me I will daily do it. In mean while some thing start to force inside. I informed her in her. She said I thing it is your flood. I will manage , by saying it she start to chewing my pussy lips softly with licking. I felt force is become hard. Suddenly my juice is flood on her mouth. She drunk all it and came near to face and told ‘I love you’. I said same to her. She slept on my breast simple playing in tongue with nipple. I don’t know when we slept.In morning at 5 am we woke up. We seen each other still our feelings not goned. I given my barest to her to suck for a while. She did the same. Later we dressed up and came to down.Here we gone to bathroom. And washed our pussy. It is become hard due to juice. After washing face we came to kitchen. And she start to prepare tea and Tiffin. I prepared Tiffin. And she prepared tea. She asked milk is shortage could I get it?I told if I give here your grandmother make me as cow daily. Both we laughed and serve the tea and Tiffin.Later I got the call from my home. So I informed her. She take me to bed room and once we hugged she removed my dress and seen me in day light and I asked her be nude. She also become nude. We hugged once again. She given me her bra and panty. Later she come to leave me. In forest we gone each others in touching.Through out journey I thought about yesterday adventure. I made bath. At that time I did malt imaging her.


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